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Comprehensively check everyone's temperature for detection of covid-19

As authorities, public, and private spaces begin to lift public-health restrictions and reopen, recovering from the shock of lockdown. However, the recovery process will be challenging to help prevent outbreaks of coronavirus infection as will the agility needed to adapt to changed behaviors and customer and public expectations. Detect the temperature of patrons and personnel without exposing healthy staff and guests. The Smart Temp City Watch Digital AI is a non-invasive safeguard that automatically detects temperatures above 100.4 F/38 C by locating people with symptoms of COVID-19 before they enter the facility — 100% passive and in real-time!

"Those well-positioned to manage the operational and financial implications of doing business in the new normal will be to overcome the challenges and seize opportunities that are emerging in a changing business environment.

The City Watch digital is the first AI of it's kind to passively scan crowds

The ONLY system on the market capable of scanning groups and individuals up to 45 people per second with a proven 99% accuracy in masked/non-masked subjects.

Modular AI system allows scalability for events, transportation, multi-property, and mobile applications.

Liability Mitigation through safety measures and contract tracing AI

Add-On technologies such as touchless self-check-in/out, wifi network monetization services, and weapons detection available.

100% customizable and scalable — integrates and scales with the existing camera, data, and security infrastructure.

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    Features include:

    • Real-time passive temperature detection
    • Military-trusted FLIR thermal imaging
    • 99% accurate even with face masks
    • The ONLY system on the market capable of processing groups up to 45 people,
    • Access Control Integration
    • Systems and security integration
    • 1 day installation
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    Optional Features Include:

    • Modular and mobile platforms for events, transportation systems, etc.
    • Passive weapons detection
    • Facial Recognition
    • AI-learned aggregated data collection
    • Data Management Platforms

The City watch Digital solution has reduced the burden on our district’s staff and provided flexibility to the schools and stakeholders to screen passively, in real-time, or as-needed for live peak-time COVID-19 monitoring. We are excited to see how we can continue to hone in on key features in future years to come as we expand our capabilities on mitigation.”

Justin Donovan, Director of Digital EXPERIENCE Loudoun County Public Schools