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Pay it forward.

Looking for groundbreaking security on a tight budget? Wireless Guardian's Guardian Angel program gives back to organizations that need it the most by donating security systems to schools, hospitals, museums, non-profit organizations, etc.

Make a difference

City Watch Digital intelligent technology registers each time it makes a life saving difference and celebrates the occasion by making a donation to the Guardian Angel fund that will gift a system annually.

Buy one = Give one

For each City Watch Digital system sold, Wireless Guardian will provide a system of equal or lesser value to a school, hospital, museum, or non-profit.

Be a Digital Angel

Do you know of a venue, school, hospital, or other location in need of forward-facing protection? Donate a system anonymously, publicly, or with a group and be the superhero of the year!


For more information on the ‘City Watch Digital’  Angel program or for other philanthropic inquiries, contact us!