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City Watch Digital: Checkpoint security system

Providing protection to patrons and facilities, City Watch Digital Checkpoint Security tracks security threats up to a mile outside the facility’s perimeter and offers checkpoint security solutions. The operational effectiveness of City Watch Digital is the ability to vet every Pedestrian, device, RFID tag, iOT device, and vehicle.

Using a combination of device radar, pedestrian/vehicle radar, drone deterrence, infrared weapons detection, facial recognition, and integration with ‘Wanted’ lists, the City Watch Digital layered investigative and defensive network identifies and tracks security threats; keeping the public safe.

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System Minimum Specifications

All inclusive bills

CCTV enhancement with Behavioral Analysis, Facial Recognition, and Artificial Intelligence

Thermal and Infrared imaging for weapons detection

Triple Verification of all pedestrians

Drone deterrence

Communication jamming capabilities

Allows for fast-pass of verified pedestrians that have been pre-vetted, obtained VIP status, employee, etc.

Allows for all pedestrians to be tracked by their MAC address once inside the protected area. This can be used for both security and ‘Fan Experience’ efforts

Local/On-site and Remote Monitoring capabilities

Encrypted communication protocols

Extends the E911 Network with its operation

Deployed at entrances to protected zone or facility

20 meter x 20 meter coverage area per entrance

Permanent or temporary deployment

Product variant of ‘Incognito’ or Highly Visible